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Amber Rudd promising to "unleash a new solar revolution"

Amber Rudd promising to "unleash a new solar revolution...

Amber Rudd, the new energy secretary, was determined to create a solar revolution in the UK even before she had been elected.

With figures showing a million people live in homes with solar panels on their roof, Amber Rudd says that the numbers needs to keep increasing.

The residents of a small town in Cornwall were easily convinced of the benefits of having solar panels on their roof. Around 500 houses in Wadebridge have solar panels on their roof which is almost 10% of homes within the area. With these statistics, the town have the potential to be a significant contender for the solar power capital of the UK.

Jerry Clark, of the town’s Renewable Energy Network says: “It is fairly likely from the information we’ve been able to gather that Wadebridge has the highest concentration of panels in the country”. Cornwall is a particularly rich resource with 1,541 hours of sunshine a year.

Steve Kessell runs a bed and breakfast in Wadebridge and three years ago had solar panels installed on his roof.

He commented: “I’m quite delighted I’ve got the panels and quite often I wonder whether this business would have been profitable, or as profitable, without them”.

Amounting to £1,800 a year from the electricity generated and the lowered bills from his energy supplier, he expects to break even within six years on his installation costs.

Solar has proven to be a valuable investment and with more people having solar panels on their roof, could possibly make Amber Rudd’s job slightly easier in convincing people to go solar.

Yet as time progresses, the revolution could go further once batteries to store home-produced energy gets underway. The development of renewable energy looks extremely promising, which could see the majority of the UK using clean energy in the near future.    

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