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Are the Winter Olympics Sustainable?

Are the Winter Olympics Sustainable?

With the world’s attention on the start of the Winter Olympics today we decided to look and see how sustainable the Olympic Games really are!

Over the past decade the International Olympic Committee has promoted both the Winter and Summer Olympics as environmentally friendly and sustainable. Which in turn has led the Olympics host countries to prioritising renewable energy, carbon offsets and conservation aspects as part of their hosting plan.

PyeongChang, South Korea is continuing that trend this year as the hosts of the 2018 Winter Games and they have been broadcasting their efforts to achieve a green Olympics. They have already made leaps in meeting this target by installing Solar and Wind Power to provide energy venues as well as creating a recycling infrastructure.

Gangwon, PyeongChang’s province, started erecting wind turbines while it was still bidding to host the 2018 Games, which in turn shows their dedication to ensuring these games are fully sustainable. These wind farms alone could produce enough power to cover all of the 190 megawatts of electricity demanded during the Games.

Alongside the wind turbines six venues built entirely for the Olympics will rely on either solar or geothermal energy. A number of these recent constructions have also achieved a G-SEED rating, the South Korean green building certification that uses many of the same criteria as LEED.

For the past decade, Olympic hosts have attempted, with varying degrees of success, to make sustainability a key player in their plans. It appears that with South Koreas continued development this will continue in the upcoming Olympics as hosts rely more on existing infrastructure to become the "greenest games ever."


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