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Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to tackle climate change "right now"

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to tackle climate change "r...

Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger has expressed his views on climate change as he states that changes need to happen “right now” instead of worrying about the long term effects.

“It drives me crazy when people talk about 30 years from now, rising sea levels and so on,” he said in an interview at the Paris COP21 climate conference. “What about right now? Thousands of people are dying from pollution. People are living with cancer [because of air pollution].”

The former governor of California said campaigners should emphasise the effects of pollution as this is something the public are able to see right now, instead of talking about what could happen in the future.

“There are people stuck in cancer wards now, tubes sticking out of them - 7 million people die a year because of pollution,” he said. “We should be talking about that.”

“Stuff that happens in the future does not mean anything to people,” he said.

He continues to state how important spreading the awareness can be. Polls showed that advertisements were an effective way of persuading people, however “all of a sudden, the poll numbers changed.”

“My job is to get the message out there,” he added. “If you do not have people behind you, you can’t do anything [on legislation]. Global warming is an extremely important issue, the most important issue. You have to communicate it properly. You have to communicate to people that this is right now.”

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