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Brexit and the Future of Renewable Energy

Brexit and the Future of Renewable Energy

So the decision has been made to leave the EU, but what does this mean for the development of renewable energy?

The EU ‘has been the world’s renewable energy powerhouse’ and much speculation has been made towards Britain’s renewable energy future upon leaving. Recent discussion has outlined that the UK energy policy was always UK-made, with the EU laws setting a minimum climate change standard to meet and Britain choosing to exceed this. The above-and-beyond attitude towards climate change in the past instils hope of maintaining a green future for the UK.  

The media is currently fuelled by a lot of hearsay and speculation, with premature predictions being made by politicians, activists, everyone and anyone. Whilst it could be expected for energy prices to increase during the change, renewable energies could help save some of these costs, encouraging more to turn towards renewable solutions.

The industry is the strongest it has ever been, after celebrating 2015 as a record breaking year for the use of renewables. Being stronger than ever, there is hope that we can tackle what lies ahead.  

Nobody knows what will happen, so let’s see how the years turn out as we continue to build towards a greener, cleaner and more effective future.

“Despite of where one stands in the referendum debate, the fact is that the UK’s energy policy was always made in London, not in Brussels.” PV Magazine

“The global rush towards clean energy and strong domestic UK climate change targets can keep the transition to clean, green energy moving forward.” “Energy really matters, powering the economy both literally and financially.” The Guardian

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