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Developments revealed of a new solar bike

Developments revealed of a new solar bike

A group of students in Holland have revealed a new design for a solar powered bike. Although solar bikes have been around since 1980’s, this impressive design makes it stand out from previous solar bikes. The development in technology has grown tremendously which permits the removal of bulky trailers to carry the solar panels.  

Marc Peters, CEO of Solar Applications said “This is a product that is capable of recharging itself during daytime or when you are cycling”

All the power from the bike comes from solar panels that cover the front wheel, and from the rider pedalling. The bike continues to work even on low light conditions, such as a rainy day. 

In Holland, the Dutch people continue to grow their green credentials in cycling when just a year ago the town of Krommenie built a bike path full of solar panels. At the time this was an experimental move, however after the success, further improvements of cycling greener has been made.

At the moment the bike is just a prototype but according to reports, it will cost around 2,500 euros. It’s expected to be released in 2018.  

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