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Eco homes: saving the planet and your pocket

Eco homes: saving the planet and your pocket

The recent UK Passivhaus Awards showcased stylish homes designed to help the planet and help your pocket.

One of Britain’s most energy efficient homes features bespoke triple-glazed windows, solar powered hot water, high levels of insulation and photovoltaic panels. This means the house actually earns money by selling surplus energy to the grid.  The owner, who built the 4-bed house for his family, has no bills to pay and makes around £700 per year from the renewables energy grants. 

“Coe saw his house as an experiment: is it possible to live comfortably, but with minimal impact on our surroundings? “After four years I no longer see it as an experiment but as a successful conclusion. We live in it, and it works, and it’s brilliant”.

The Passivhaus standard started in Germany, a country at the forefront of environmentally friendly housing, but has since become global. Paris is also getting on the bandwagon by transforming a huge housing zone into an eco-district, installing solar panels on every building.

The growing trend in eco homes shows that the switch to completely clean energy has the potential to go mass market and help everyone save their money whilst saving the planet.

“If there’s one type of housing that really has a buzz around it right now, it is eco homes.” The Telegraph 

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