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Ecolution gearing up for ‘smart home’ revolution with Hycube energy storage

Ecolution gearing up for ‘smart home’ revolution...

Amidst the growth of energy storage, the heating and energy industry are getting ready for a ‘smart home’ revolution in years to come. UK Construction Week

The difference between energy storage and energy management is monumental, with energy management changing the control we have over our energy usage.

UK homeowners are looking for a way to stay connected, with an increasing interest in the development of remotely-controlled devices.

The research used by UK Construction Week highlights that many homeowners look to respected tradesmen for advice on smart homes and internet-enabled home products.

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester, outlines that with so many products on offer “it is key that homeowners recognise the devices that are not just internet-connected, but which use this capacity to make our homes more comfortable and efficient.” UK Construction Week It is for this reason they are turning to tradesmen for advice on the best energy storage systems.

Ecolution have made a forward-thinking move in this revolution by supplying Hycube energy storage solutions.

 How do Hycube energy storage systems fit into the ‘smart home’ revolution?

The concept is easy – With Hycube Energy storage systems you can store the solar energy produced by your solar PV system in the day and use it at a time that better suits you. Hycube have found that in the long-run you can cover more than 70% of your annual electricity requirement!

Combining advanced storage technology with intelligent energy management, the Hycube e.Active and e.Compact allow you to take full control of your energy usage 24/7 using their online portal and app. This means that homeowners can now control their energy use from anywhere.   

The systems also go one step further into the future of ‘smart homes’ by storing energy from all renewable technologies (not just PV!) and is enabled for the micro-grids of the future where homeowners will be ‘sharing solar’.

Read more on sharing solar here.

With constantly rising energy prices and the reliance we now have upon our mobile devices, energy management systems are becoming a homeowner favourite toward a more energy-efficient and cost-effective home. 

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