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EU anti-dumping could cut market by 80%

A report published by Swiss analysts Prognos suggests that the potential imposition of trade duties on Chinese-manufactured solar products in the EU could cut the UK solar market by up to 80%.

The study showed the impact of potential EU anti-dumping measures on the European solar P value chain at rates of 20%, 25% and 60%.

The figures revealed that the UK would be hardest hit by the anti-dumping duties in comparison to other EU member states due to more than 80% of solar installed in the UK originating from China.

The study found that any import duty placed on Chinese-manufactured solar products would lead to a dramatic decrease in demand for solar products across the EU solar value chain because of the price sensitivity of the solar market. Any import duties would significantly raise the cost of installing solar in the EU and the impact of this could result in job losses across the UK solar market.

Summary of Prognos findings:


Job losses EU - (UK)

Losses of EU value added - (UK)


1st year

3rd year

1st year

Over 3 years

Duty rate of 20%

- 115,600 jobs

- 175,500 jobs

€ 4.740 billion

€ 18.4 billion

(UK - 14,200)

(UK - 19,300)

(UK - €0.53/£0.46b)

(UK - €1.88/£1.62b)

Duty rate of 35%

- 199,700 jobs

- 244,100 jobs

€ 8.170 billion

€ 27.8 billion

(UK - 28,200)

(UK - 36,700)

(UK - €1.05/£0.91b)

(UK - €3.67/£3.16b)

Duty rate of 60%

- 193,700 jobs

- 242,000 jobs

€ 7.860 billion

€ 27.2 billion

(UK - 31,500)

(UK – 38,600)

(UK - €1.18/£1.02b)

(UK - €4.01/£3.46b)


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