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Eurostar: The FastTrack to a Renewable Future!

Eurostar: The FastTrack to a Renewable Future!

At the beginning of the year we reported how airports were slowly making the move to power their infrastructures with renewable energy. Now only 3 months into 2018 we are pleased to say that Eurostar, one of the biggest rail providers in Europe, has now also pledged to make the move to renewable energy!

Eurostar is aiming to switch to green energy to power all of its rail services by 2030, this target was included in a their new 10 point environmental plan launched by the operator earlier this month

Eurostar’s ‘Tread Lightly Plan’ states that “In accordance with the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement and the Science-based target initiative we are committing to a significant reduction in our corporate emissions, supporting the drive to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius and creating a low carbon future”

It aims to do this with 10 simple steps but most importantly by “eliminating the use of fossil fuel energy for all train journeys across their markets by 2030”. By doing this they would be following in the footsteps of the Dutch state railway operator NS, which now powers its electric train fleet with wind power.

Alongside eliminating fossil fuels they also aim to incorporate the following renewable energy goals to combat climate change:

1. A reduction of 5% of train energy by 2020

2. Introduction of Energy Meters on board the e320 trains and introduce energy efficient driving training by 2020

3. Invest in renewable energy at the UK depot by installing banks of solar panels

4. Introduce Electric Vehicles by 2020

These are all very realistic and achievable goals for Eurostar, as they have been meeting renewable targets since 2010! For instance they have cut their carbon emissions by 32 per cent and reduced waste across the business by 50 percent in just 8 years.

Nicolas Petrovic, Chief Executive of Eurostar said of this new plan “Over the last 8 years we have reduced our carbon footprint by over 30 per cent but given the scale of the challenge facing the environment, we are now setting stretching new targets. High-speed rail plays a pivotal role in encouraging the switch to more sustainable modes of transport and we are committed to increasing our energy efficiency and reducing our waste across the business”

With Eurostar the latest in the line of large scale businesses making the move to renewable energy, we know it won’t be long until renewable’s become the number one energy choice for a sustainable future!

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