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Large mirrors to be the most efficient solar electricity system in the world

Large mirrors to be the most efficient solar electricity sys...

Swedish firm Ripasso believe they are on the verge of creating a new solar electricity generation system that could be the most efficient in the world. Combining an idea with military technology, this new generation system is being tested under the sun in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.

With huge mirrors reflecting off the sun across the Kalahari Desert, Ripasso are also using local manufacturing to develop the system under the severe conditions. CEO Gunnar Larsson added: “Our whole team in South Africa has been hired locally, and our new systems have all been built with local South African labour. It works great”.

An astonishing 34% of the sun’s energy is converted directly to electric power as it hits the mirrors, when slowing rotating to follow the sun. The mirrors constantly adjust to gain maximum solar energy.

Jean-Pierre Fourie, Ripasso’s site manager in South Africa has been testing the system with his crew for 4 years in the extreme desert conditions. He believes this could be a huge success by stating: “What we hope is to become one of the biggest competitors for renewable energy in the world.”

Gunnar Larsson has admitted that it has been a struggle to fund the project by commenting: “Our major challenge over the last couple of years has been to get the technology accepted by the financing community, especially from the banks”.

However Ripasso have secured private funding to begin their first large-scale installation which Larsson states that the company are ready “to head into the commercial phase”.

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