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London Plan Revealed – It’s going Lean, Clean and Green!

London Plan Revealed – It’s going Lean, Clean an...

Sadiq Khan this week announced his first London Plan since becoming the Mayor of London and with this new and ambitious plan comes a blueprint for the future development and sustainable, inclusive growth of London.

The London plan is an important document as it shapes the lives of many Londoners daily and shapes how London evolves and develops over the coming years. Importantly there has been a huge emphasis on the sustainable sector this year with the mayor wanting to minimise greenhouse gas emissions by following the energy hierarchy of;

“Be Lean, Be Clean and Be Green!”

This basically aims to use less energy, supply energy efficiently and use more renewable energy.

London is part of a “national energy system and currently sources approximately 95 per cent of its energy from outside the GLA boundary”. However, Sadiq Khan wants this to change and one of the areas of focus is Sadiq Khan wants to shift from its reliance on natural gases to increasing the amount of new renewable energy sources throughout London. The new developments will include “the use of energy from waste schemes that are connected to a heat network, as well as solar photovoltaics and solar thermal both on buildings and at a larger scale on appropriate sites”. Alongside this there is also a mention of potential for wind and hydropower-based renewable energy in some locations within London.

The mayor is committed to London becoming a zero-carbon city and the energy hierarchy will enable this by informing the design, construction and operation of new buildings. Importantly the plan states that “boroughs should ensure that all developments maximise opportunities for on-site electricity and heat production from solar technologies (photovoltaic and thermal)”. This approach will help reduce carbon emissions, reduce energy costs to occupants and improve London’s energy resilience.

This is brilliant news for the renewables sector as the move towards zero-carbon development shows how far London has come in sustainable development and shows the dedication to continuously developing and evolving London as a city.

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