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London T-charge – Fight against toxic car fumes

London T-charge – Fight against toxic car fumes

As of 7 am Monday 23rd October 2017, all drivers of polluting petrol and diesel cars older than 2006 driving in the centre of London are now liable for an additional fee on top of the congestion charge.

What is being called the T-charge is an additional £10 on top of the standard congestion charge of £11.50 meaning drivers could be paying a whopping £21.50 per day to drive in central London.

The charge is applicable to all pre-Euro 4 vehicles which are typically those registered before 2006. It is advised that all owners of vehicles registered before 2008 check if they could be liable.

The T-charge has been introduced to help improve air quality in the capital, where legal pollution limits are frequently exceeded.

It is being seen as a stepping stone in preparing Londoners for the ultra-low emission zone being introduced in April 2019, just under 2 years away.

“Today marks a major milestone in this journey with the introduction of the T-charge to encourage motorists to ditch polluting, harmful vehicles,” says London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

“As mayor, I am determined to take urgent action to help clean up London’s lethal air. The shameful scale of the public health crisis London faces, with thousands of premature deaths caused by air pollution, must be addressed” he continues.

In a Report released last week by International Experts shows pollution has caused more deaths in the UK than most other countries within western Europe. With Air pollution being almost invisible, it can be hard to grasp the magnitude of damage being done to our health. However, studies like the Lancet Commission clearly show that poor air quality increases not only the probability of developing various respiratory illnesses but also the frequency and severity of these and in some cases even death. 

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