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Next UK Government must encourage solar

Next UK Government must encourage solar

If solar is able to reach grid parity, the Renewable Energy Association (REA), have insisted that the next British government must ‘encourage’ solar to see the full result of it’s potential. 7th May being the deciding date for the General Election and the three main parties all has different energy policies.

REA chief executive, Dr Nina Skorupska emphasises the importance of solar being reached to its maximum potential. By calling on the next British government, she states the impact it could have in the next coming years.

“We call on the next British government to encourage the ongoing deployment of solar and development of storage which could be viable in the UK as early as 2017 by levelling the regulatory playing field for developers, in particular through ensuring sufficient support is forthcoming to ensure a viable industry is in place when grid parity is reached,” Skorupska said.

Skorupska gives her views on the growth of solar PV’s in the near future with references from two reports from Deutsche Bank and Wood Mackenzie.

Deutsche Bank believes that solar will achieve grid parity in the next few years, also stating in the next 18 months that solar energy will be as cheap as coal.

Wood Mackenzie also agrees with solar to reach grid parity in the near future by predicting it will be achieved by 2020.

Skorupska also adds “For the UK, solar with storage can provide a secure source of renewable energy that can be deployed in quantity faster than nuclear,”

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