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Rooftop solar is a popular choice for UK customers, survey finds

Rooftop solar is a popular choice for UK customers, survey f...

60% of UK’s population would consider installing solar panels for the first time in the next 5 years. Mintel have released a new survey which reveals a widespread confidence in considering domestic installations of rooftop solar. That leaves just 40% who would not even consider it.

Rooftop Solar is so beneficial for a domestic customer; it reduces their energy bills and they could receive an income from the Feed-in-tariff. So you have to ask the question, why is it that this 40% of UK customers not want to consider rooftop solar? The survey showed that approximately a third of these people ruled themselves out because they thought that their roof would not be suitable, with 29% having concerns regarding maintenance costs and 24% potential for relocation.

Mintels survey highlights that a small deterrent from solar PV is based on how solar panels would affect the price of their house (15%). 8%, one in ten people said that they don’t spend enough time at home during daylight hours to maximum benefits of solar panels. 

Educating UK customers about the benefits of solar PV and what options are available to them is vital when switching people to solar. So it was positive to see that 55% have already heard of the government’s ‘Feed-in-Tariff’ (FIT) scheme, 50% have heard of ‘rent-a-roof’ schemes and 54% are aware of the ‘Green Deal’ finance scheme.

Mintels senior analyst Claudia Preedy said “Although the market remains in its infancy, demand for solar panels has exploded since 2010 and there continues to be strong growth potential.”

Claudia Preedy believes that solar will stay strong despite the withdrawal of the ROC subsidy which is what prompted the installation rush at the end of March.

She added: "Despite frequent changes in government policy and other factors, such as the strong drop in installation costs in recent years, the solar industry has proved resilient and has shown that it can reinvent itself within a changing landscape.” 

"The industry is expected to continue to do so in the foreseeable future, even with the uncertainties regarding future government policies." 

If there were panels on just 61% of the nation’s 2.500km2 south-facing commercial roof space, this would meet the total electricity demand for UK companies, which shows that there is massive potential growth for commercial rooftop solar. 

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