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Solar powers two million households in the UK

Solar powers two million households in the UK

According to estimates by energy supplier Good Energy, saw the UK reach a solar capacity to generate enough electricity to power two million households on 15th April. The company estimated that solar panels across the UK generated 21,831MWh of energy on the day with record temperatures.

Research and product analyst for Good Energy, Will Heinzelmann emphasised the fact that the company’s solar generation output tool to record the data is an estimate, explaining: “It’s not 100% accurate but it provides a good idea.”

However Heinzelmann believes with data like this; people can get a better understanding of the power of solar. He states: “Telling someone that ‘it was a sunny day yesterday and solar powered two million homes’ – just quantifying it into something that people can understand- makes a huge difference.”

The role of solar in the UK energy mix looks to have a promising future with technology continuing to develop. With Good Energy being a 100% renewable energy supplier, they predict that 21% of the energy will come from solar in 2014/15.

Heinzelmann concludes: “I think solar represents about 1.5% to the grid as a whole over the year – that of course is probably outdated now – but obviously on a nice sunny day PV generation has a pretty huge impact on the grid. We’re seeing solar play a more important part in the UK energy mix.”

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