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Solar PV & Batteries - The Key to a Cheaper & Cleaner Energy Supply

Solar PV & Batteries - The Key to a Cheaper & Cleane...

The home of the future looks like an increasingly attractive option for a lot of homeowners this week after millions of households received the unwelcome news their energy bills were going up.

Although switching suppliers is one quick fix to rising bills, industry players say the answers may lie in a coming revolution in how we use energy in our home and by turning them into mini power stations so we can reduce our reliance on energy companies such as British Gas and EDF.

Most industry experts think that future homes will consume less energy but also generate it too, becoming prosumers, meaning “to generate your own energy, store it and use it in an intelligent way.”


For most people, this will mean solar panels generating electricity, which is not a new trend – more than 900,000 households already have solar, up from almost none a decade ago.

Today, a fifth of the world’s electricity is produced by renewable energy. In 2016, there were 160GW of clean energy installations globally. This is 10% more than in 2015, but they cost almost a quarter less. This was the first year in history that solar capacity outstripped any other electricity-producing technology.

However, what’s new is that these homeowners are beginning to pair Solar PV with Energy Storage, to either store and use or export the electricity back to the national grid. The Solar Trade Association estimates that 5,000 – 10,000 UK homes now have energy storage, which they have said will be a game-changer for utilities.

Greg Clark the MP of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has said of this “Storing intermittent renewable power in batteries so it was ready when the grid needed it would bring down costs for everyone, including vulnerable and low-income energy consumers.”

Whilst the WWF said the moves would accelerate the rollout of renewables and electric cars. Gareth Redmond-King, the group’s head of energy, said: “Battery storage is a clear game-changer in our ability to produce clean power from renewables.”


With the UK already making big moves into introducing Energy Storage into the market, we are excited to say that we are big supporters of this technology and are the only distributors in the UK for Hycube Battery Storage.

If you wish to discuss this exciting and innovative technology then please get in touch with our team today who will be happy to discuss helping you make the move to the home of the future!

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