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Tesla moving away from their electric motor status

Tesla moving away from their electric motor status

According to Jelle Vastert, the head of Tesla’s supercharger program, has stated that Tesla consider themselves as an energy company. Tesla usually well known for the electric cars they produce, however Jelle Vastert enforces the case of Tesla being a battery company even before the production of electric cars.

Vestert speaking at an event in London said: “Our mission is not to build expensive sports cars, our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. We now see ourselves as more of an energy company. JB Straubel, our Chief Technical Officer, said that he sees the company not as a car manufacturer but as an energy innovator.”

In May, Tesla introduced the Powerwall which has the potential to change the way people power their homes forever. The energy storage contains the same lithium-ion technology that is used to power Tesla’s electric cars. The Powerwall will soon be manufactured in partnership with Panasonic.

With this revolutionary energy storage system Tesla have in progress; the company are making their presence known with the renewable technology they process. Tesla may be known for the electric cars they produce, however with time, they have the potential to be giants within the energy sector.

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