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Tesla to Build the World’s Biggest Battery in Kent!

Tesla to Build the World’s Biggest Battery in Kent!

Billionaire founder of Tesla, Elon Musk has announced this week his intentions to build the world’s largest energy storage system in Britain!

The plan is part of a £400 million project to carpet a huge section of Kent’s marshland with nearly a million solar panels. The size of the battery plant would be as big as 600 football pitches on marshland.

The projects 989,000 solar panels will be mounted on 12ft tall frames and the battery will be three times as large as the current biggest system, built last year by Elon Musk in South Australia. This system alone had a capacity of 129-megawatt-hours whereas the new one will have a capacity of storing 350MWhr with no fewer than 7,660 individual battery units.

The Energy Storage system is crucial to the scheme running efficiently. This is because by storing power generated during sunny periods in the middle of the day when demand and the changing electricity are low, the operators will be able to sell it to the National Grid at other times when no solar power is being generated and prices are much higher.

As the project is so large it will not be governed by the usual democratic planning process, instead, it will fall to Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark to decide whether to approve it as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.

The developers have stated that with a maximum output of 350MW – seven times the size of any existing solar farm in Britain – it will “power over 110,000 homes”.

With this latest development in energy storage and solar PV coming to light within the UK we hope to see a continued push to help move us forward to a 100% sustainable future!

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