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The Government actions speak louder than their warm words! Ecolutions letter to Amber Rudd, Energy Secretary

The Government actions speak louder than their warm words! E...

Amber Rudd has been accused this week of ‘grotesque hypocrisy’ ahead of her speech today where she will discuss the Governments plans to tackle climate change, despite her actions speaking otherwise. She will also seek to redress the view that green policies are ‘left-wing’.

Friends of the Earth chief executive Craig Bennett has said “The Government’s credibility on tackling climate change is hanging in tatters.” “Amber Rudd appears to have been wheeled out to say a few warm word on tackling climate change as window dressing for a vicious Treasury assault on the environment.” “This government will be judged on action not words – and far from being one of the greenest governments ever, it seems set to be one of the greyest.”

These same views are reflected by The Ecolution Group, which is why at the beginning of this week our Commercial Director Gillian Stewart has sent the following letter to the Secretary of State;


Dear Secretary of State,

I write further to today's publication in respect of the above ("Fixing the foundations : Creating a more prosperous nation").  It appears from the content that the Government plans to scrap the uplift of Building regulations planned for later this year and that the future of allowable solutions is now uncertain. Both of these measures were welcome in ensuring homes were built with the future in mind and meant that our generation would leave a sustainable building legacy of which we could be proud. 

Over the past few weeks, leading international figures, including President Obama and the Pope, have encouraged us to take responsibility for the future of our planet and tod

By reducing the pressure to move forward, we are encouraging apathy and slowing the pace towards a brighter, sustainable future which we can reach together quickly, if we are brave enough to make the right investment for the long term. ay's publication feels like a worrying stagnation of effort towards tackling climate change at a time when we should be increasing pace and grabbing the opportunity to lead the way from the carbon age into a new, clean, energy era.

Unless part of the UK's strategy is to draw a line in the sand and make sure that all new homes are carbon neutral going forward, we are leaving a legacy that will need to be dealt with somewhere down the line. I understand that there is an urgent need for new homes to be built in the UK and whilst there is an argument that house builders could and should only profit through responsible building (especially with a £581m improvement in profit before tax from the top 20 builders year on year), not all of the cost needs to land at their door. With continued FIT support, the renewable industry, backed by investors who understand the sector can create innovative solutions to help keep builders' costs down. 


Gillian Stewart 






The Governments keeps talking about how to tackle climate change yet Chancellor George Osbourne has announced a slew of policy changes which will increase UK emissions.

In recent weeks subsidies for onshore wind and commercial solar have been scrapped despite these being the two cheapest forms of clean energy. The government have also cut the energy efficiency budget, ended the tax break for clean cars, abolished rules on zero carbon house, lowered taxes on polluting firms and introduced a tax on clean energy.

It is clear that UK’s policy changes, are being noticed internationally.

Previously the UK Climate Change Act has been regarded as a world-leading climate policy but critics say that accolade is now seriously in doubt.

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