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The UK expected to remain on top ahead of the Intersolar exhibition

The UK expected to remain on top ahead of the Intersolar exh...

With the UK being pushed to surpass 2GW installed in 2014, the UK is expected to remain the largest solar PV growth market in Europe through 2016. According to PV specialist Ray Noble, the UK created a “gold rush” by completing projects in tight schedules.

A government controlled CFD (Contract for Difference) doesn’t mean it is the end of the market. Finlay Colville, head of market intelligence, solar media commented: “There is no shortage of opportunities, despite the first CFD round being a waste of time and completely irrelevant, during the ROC boom.”

The estimate that 700 to 800 sites were under scoping and screening by project developers in the early stages of this year surprised Colville the most, by adding: “The amount of opportunities in the sub-five megawatt RO is incredible”.

Energy Solutions director Jerry Hamilton commented on the impact commercial rooftop has had by stating: “Commercial rooftop will be a smarter market on system design and product quality selection”.

Although the UK government and DECC agency were not appreciating the challenges to the sector, PV still proves to be a game changer in the country. Cumulative installations could top 11GW by March 2016. 

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