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'The UK landscape will not significantly impact our business', says Enphase

'The UK landscape will not significantly impact our bus...

Enphase has announced that despite the change in government policies, the UK landscape will “not significantly impact” its business.

Enphase Energy’s CEO Paul Nahi says the company is optimistic when commenting on the earnings call for the company’s Q2 2015 results. When asked about the change in policies, Nahi stated: “I believe we will still continue to see some policy shifts occurring in the UK, however it is not significantly impacting our business.”

Nahi revealed Enphase has enjoyed a “strong demand” for solar energy systems in the US, Australia and Europe. However stated that the company are “relatively young” in the UK, also adding that “a lot of market share” is still available for Enphase.

Nahi added: “The brand is growing. The teams are executing very well and I expect to see continued growth in the UK market.”

One area in particular Nahi was confident in was the company’s energy storage solution. Nahi remains to be excited over the Enphase’s modular energy storage system, with the UK having the potential to have a major market for the product.

Talking about the potential of the energy storage system, Nahi said: “When you talk to customers in Australia, in the UK and Continental Europe, the ability to size the storage solution for that specific application, for that specific customer, is critical in optimising the return on investment.”

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