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What Trump means for climate change and renewables?

What Trump means for climate change and renewables?

Donald Trump’s win could turn out to be catastrophic for the world’s climate and renewable technology markets, as well as international diplomacy as American leadership is transformed.

We are expecting to see profound implications on climate change this November but not in the way we anticipated. The Paris climate deal came into force just a week ago on 4th November but since the presidential election, the chances of avoiding dangerous possibly irreversible global warming are under threat with Donald Trump now calling the shots.

President Trump is known for his erratic behaviour so it is uncertain on the outcome but we do know that he wants to withdraw the USA from the Paris deal as he believes climate change is a “hoax”. Trump didn’t hold back when he said that the former President Obama’s warning about climate change is a threat on par with terrorism, “one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever heard in politics”. Many of you will agree is quite a ludicrous statement, who would have thought terrorism and climate change would be in the same sentence.  

It’s a concern that the climate legacy and the steps made forward by Obama to force down emissions are set to be torn apart by the newly elected President.

So what does this mean, well contentious oil pipelines such as Keystone and Dakota Access will likely be approved whilst clean energy funding will likely be slashed. This means the world’s second largest greenhouse gas emitter will look to invest in non-sustainable fossil fuels like coal rather than clean energy options to power our future.

It could potentially be catastrophic for the world’s climate as well as international diplomacy, whilst other countries unite to tackle a common threat to protect our future, America one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters slack off due to new leadership.

Could 2016 be the day when tens of millions of people were condemned to live in a pollutant environment with no u-turn on the horizon? If you believe in climate change or not, isn’t pollution a good enough reason to switch to clean energy alternatives compared to “fossil fuels” which are not sustainable in the long term, what happens when they run out? It is time we start investing in our future not living in the past. 

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