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With Conservatives in power, what does this mean for the Solar industry?

With Conservatives in power, what does this mean for the Sol...

With the conservatives leading the poll with over 300 seats, it begs the question what this could mean for the future of renewable energy. David Cameron came into power claiming to lead the “greenest government”, despite the fact the Conservatives arguably being the anti-green party.

In comparison to Labour and the Green Party, the Conservatives have shown support of fracking and nuclear power in their manifesto. With the party not showing a clear policy on energy, this may cause issues with people within the industry.

Renewable UK deputy chief executive, Maf Smith on the manifesto states: “Onshore wind is one of the cheapest of all sources of energy, so by turning their backs on it, the Tories are proposing to deprive voters of one of the most effective means of keeping all our electricity bills down. So when the Tories claim in their manifesto that they intend to cut carbon emissions as cost-effectively as possible they’re being breathtakingly illogical and therefore idiotic.”

While Renewable Energy Association (REA) chief executive, Dr Nina Skorupska had to add: “Rather than building on what they have already achieved in the last five years, the Conservative manifesto fails to even mention key technologies such as solar and biomass which would help us reach the climate change targets Cameron recently signed up to in a cost effective way. It is extremely disappointing that the manifesto does not reflect the ambition we expected and hoped for from the Conservatives.” 

David Cameron has stated on making the UK the most energy efficient country in Europe. The PM has previously backed wind farms and in last year’s manifesto stating that the party will be focusing on off-shore wind farms and solar panels. With this shows that David Cameron is not abandoning the green agenda, but how much the Conservatives will do when in power once more remains to be seen. 

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